Are You Looking For a Smarter Approach to Your Health?

Let’s work together to develop a personalized strategy that puts you back in charge of your health and vitality.


Are You Looking For a Smarter Approach to Your Health?

Let’s work together to develop a personalized strategy that puts you back in charge of your health and vitality.


Tired of feeling dismissed and unheard?

We provide a plan, a partnership, and a promise to get to the root cause so you can restore your health!

Join Health Reset 180™

Do you ever wish that your healthcare provider would take the time to listen to your story and actually hear what you have to say? If you’re not being heard, how can you ever hope to heal?

Have you tried to research to no end on your own, only to find yourself on a hamster wheel where you chase the newest supplement, diet, fad, etc, only to eventually end up in the same place you started?

We believe that both the problem and the solution to your health issues are contained within your story, so we listen attentively in order to determine how to best serve your needs. We believe in utilizing the most appropriate functional lab testing, nutritional and lifestyle transformations, and necessary supplement support to work smarter not harder. Our job is to educate you on what is going on with your health and coach you to optimal results.



Reset 180™

A personalized holistic experience to address the root cause of your symptoms & restore your optimal health

"Can Health Reset 180™ help me with _______?"

It is never our intention to "treat" any condition that our health participants present with. It is our goal to help health participants put together the pieces of the puzzle to their health struggles by removing whatever is interfering with their health and thus heal their cells. 

We do not replace medical interventions but instead help our health participants become their own health advocates. Our goal is always centered around restoring vitality. 

While is not our intention to treat a diagnosis, health participants with the below issues have reported significant improvements: 

  • Autoimmune disease (Hashimoto’s, Psoriasis, Graves etc)
  • Difficult weight loss despite diet and exercise
  • Digestive disorders (IBS, SIBO, heartburn)
  • ​Hormone and endocrine imbalances (Thyroid disease, PCOS, PMS, hot flashes)
  • Infertility and irregular menstrual cycles
  • ​Joint pain and stiffness
  • ​Diabetes and metabolic syndrome
  • Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia
  • Adrenal fatigue


Listen To What Our Health Participants Have To Say

What To Expect When You Partner With Us

The Highest Level Of Attention

Our number one priority is to provide you with the absolute best service and professional guidance while you’re under our care. It is our job to make sure that you have an experience that is individualized to your needs.

Learn To Take Charge Of Your Health

Our job is to teach you through different protocols and skills to live in optimal health. You will learn priceless information to change for the better. Our goal is to teach you how to be “independently healthy.”

A Whole Person Approach

We address all aspects of health – including chemical, physical and emotional.

Our Caring Team Is Ready To Serve YOU!


Reset 180™ Program

Our most popular program is designed for patients dealing with more significant chronic health challenges

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We believe health is your most important asset. As such, the decisions you make should be done with great care. If you're tired of getting the run-around and ready to commit to your best life, let's connect. We'll carefully listen to you and help you find the right program so that you can finally get the results that you've been looking for.

Functional Medicine Myths Debunked

Myth # 1
I've tried "everything"

This is a phrase that we hear over and over on our discovery calls. Many patients feel like they've done everything that they can to get better. However, within a few short minutes it becomes clear that there are many stones still unturned. When a person submits to the thought of having "tried everything" they subconsciously submit to the idea that nothing more can be done. 

Chances are there are many aspects of your health that have not yet been fully explored. 


Myth # 2
Functional medicine/health is expensive

This is the biggest misconception about functional medicine - primarily because we’ve been conditioned to expect insurance to pay for everything. In doing so, we have unwittingly ceded control of our wellness over to the lowest bidder - at the expense of our own health. In reality, functional health is the most affordable form of healthcare on the planet, especially when you consider that the average person spends more money in their lifetime in the allopathic model.

Sometimes the true cost of services being rendered isn’t just measured in dollars and cents. It is measured in quality of life. 


Myth # 3
I can figure this out on my own


We live in the era of information, and the entirety of the world’s knowledge is available at your fingertips. Yet the most valuable information you need for true healing is the knowledge of what’s going on inside your body, and a plan to get healing.

Our goal when partnering with you is to help identify the root cause of your health problems, teach you the appropriate life skills you need to remedy them, and support you as needed. Self-navigating through the sea of conflicting information ends up costing you both your health and your sanity. We don’t recommend it.

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